Sciana: The Health Leaders Network is an international network based in Europe. Its philosophy and ethos are firmly anchored in shared European values, namely commitment to improving health, access and coverage for all, underpinned by democratic values, respect and dignity for the individual. These values form Sciana’s approach to future issues in health and health care, and international networking. 

Sciana unifies health (‘ana’) and knowledge (‘sci’). Dialogue, evidence, and solutions based on cooperation are the pillars upholding these overarching principles. We firmly believe that cross border collaboration- reaching beyond the limitations of individuals, regions, cultures and systems -is imperative for building healthy societies of tomorrow, today. 

Sciana is a platform for cross-country and inter-disciplinary networking, innovation and inspiration. It brings together outstanding health leaders from across Europe, ensuring each brings their own individual professional backgrounds and personal experiences to the network. Members are united by a common desire to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all, to shape the future of health and care policy.

Sciana exposes members to deep insights, new ideas and perspectives to help shape our common future. Sciana provides members with space to think about a range of profound issues shaping health and care, to take inspiration from across the globe, as well as time to reflect and share insights gained from their own experiences. Members are supported to find new ways of being a leader in a complex environment, learning from their peers. In doing so members find new approaches to address challenges, including ways to incubate and scale health system innovations in and beyond their own countries. 

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