Additional information for Sciana: The Health Leaders Network UK candidates

    Thank you for your interest in joining Sciana. Since the Sciana network launched in 2017, the volume of applicants from the UK has grown substantially. Therefore, we have outlined some additional information to enable UK candidates to better understand the Health Foundation’s shortlisting and recruitment process:

    1) The Health Foundation is committed to equality and diversity, and our recruitment to the Sciana network will be informed by our organisation’s policies on fairness. Our aspiration is for the UK cohort of Sciana network members to reflect the whole of the United Kingdom and we welcome applications from across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    2) We welcome applications from candidates from a range of backgrounds, at different points in their career, but with evidence of effective working at a senior level. Members of the Sciana network living and working in the UK include senior clinicians; chief executives and executive directors of national agencies, NHS providers, regional health boards and national charities; and leaders of high profile national programmes. More information about existing members is available here.

    3) Successful candidates are likely to have had several years of experience leading complex projects, teams or programmes across organisational and professional boundaries, requiring a collaborative approach to leadership. This may have been at national level, or regional level.

    4) Candidates will need to demonstrate knowledge of the national policy context and wider politics that determines change in the relevant area in which they work.  

    5) The application process for all UK candidates applying for the Sciana network is the same as on the Sciana website. If you wish to become part of the Sciana network, please send Astrid Koblmüller your CV, along with a covering letter responding to the membership criteria described as well as separate responses to the following questions:

    • Leading transformational change: What significant health issues are you working to address? What major challenges and opportunities are you currently facing? In your role, how are you uniquely positioned to make a difference? (150 words max)
    • Previous experience: As an individual, what are your greatest strengths and developmental areas as a leader? (150 words max)
    • Collaborative leadership: What kinds of cross-sector or cross-disciplinary relationship are you interested in cultivating? And, why? How do you envision contributing to the Sciana network? (150 words max)
    • Confirmation that you are available for all four meetings.

    6) Applications from UK candidates are then forwarded to the Health Foundation for shortlisting

    7) We invite shortlisted candidates to take part in an interview in the autumn of each recruiting year, which are either face-to-face or via Skype.

    8) For further information, please contact

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