Yvonne Gilli

Medical Doctor, Senior Consultant, Psychotherapeutic Outpatient Clinic IBP, Winterthur, Switzerland

Yvonne Gilli is a medical doctor with specialization in general medicine and further training in homoeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and body psychotherapy. Since 1996 she has her own medical office in Wil SG. Since 2017 she serves as senior consultant at the psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic IBP in Winterthur ZH. She is the president of the Board of Trustees at Sexual Health Switzerland and a member of the Board of Directors at the Swiss Medical Association, in charge of the Department of Digitisation & eHealth. Since 2017 she has also been a lecturer in sexual health and rights at the University of Lucerne, since 2018 in public health at the University of Zurich. Yvonne is a member of the Green Party and was a member of the National Council of Switzerland, Committees for Science, Education, and Culture, Social Security and Health, Finance.