Tobias Silberzahn

Partner, McKinsey's Berlin Office, Germany

Tobias Silberzahn is a partner in McKinsey's Berlin office where he is a member of the Pharma & MedTech Practice and the Innovation Practice. Over the last decade with McKinsey, he has served mainly pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare startup companies. He leads McKinsey's Health Tech Network, a community of >100 startups in the healthcare space. The focus area of his work is the interface between research and development (R&D) and commercial, where he typically supports his clients on strategic, digital, analytics and organizational topics. As part of his R&D work, he also hosts the McKinsey MedTech R&D Roundtable, the Small-Molecule Technical Development / CMC Forum and the Biologics CMC Forum (CMC = Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls).


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