Steve Clarke

Head of Mental Health, Welsh Ambulance Service and NHS Direct Wales, United Kingdom

Steve Clarke is a senior mental health nurse and healthcare leader with extensive experience at strategic and operational levels across the UK healthcare systems. He has worked at the heart of policy making and was previously specialist adviser to the House of Commons Health Committee where he led reviews into healthcare reform. He has also held a range of strategic roles at a national level and was deputy director for mental health for England where he developed the first waiting time and access standards for mental health services. Steve has also worked in public health practice, education and on the spread of evidence based practice across complex systems. He relocated to Wales in 2018 where he is head of mental health for the Welsh Ambulance Service and NHS Direct Wales - where he leads work across the country to improve the response to people in crisis and distress. He has a master`s degree in mental health service improvement, obtained an honours degree in politics in 2009 and completed the IHI-inspired improvement leaders programme in Glasgow in 2017.


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