Anita Buchli

Head Special Projects, Careum, Switzerland

Anita Buchli is head special projects for Careum and former head of strategic development at ETH Zurich with the responsibility to help prepare ETH for the future. She is a (brain) researcher at heart and has always engaged in bridging disciplines and people to realize projects to address unmet needs. While building an international network of clinics, research labs and companies in the field of neurology, she realized how difficult crosstalk between clinicians and researchers was, to a large part due to the lack of understanding of each other's problems (Nature Comment, Plug the real brain drain, Martin Schwab & Anita Buchli). Consequently, she has helped develop a new medical curriculum at ETH, training future doctors in medicine, science and technology. Anita teaches "critical thinking", is a member of the ETH Global Advisory Board and has helped kick-start several start-ups in the biotech and societal field. She is an alumna of ETH, IMD/MIT and University of Oxford.


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