Dorli Kahr-Gottlieb

Secretary General, European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG), Austria

Dorli Kahr-Gottlieb started working in her position as secretary general of the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) in 2012. She is responsible for the overall management of the European non-for-profit health policy association, staff management and the joint development of the association with the team, the board, and national and international partners. Prior to joining the EHFG, Dorli worked for the Graz Medical University public health programme, where she was in charge of the overall coordination and international relations. From 2006 to 2012 Dorli also worked for the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) as conference manager in liaison with different partners of the annually rotating biggest European public health conference. Through these activities, Dorli has managed to build a reliable and rewarding network with colleagues from different European and national organisations. She originally majored in languages (English, German, Italian) and later followed her passion for intercultural communication by completing a master's degree in intercultural competencies in 2012.


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