Rupert Suckling

Director of Public Health, Doncaster Council in the North of England; Board Member, Association of Directors of Public Health, UK

Rupert Suckling is the director of public health at Doncaster Council in the North of England and a board member of the Association of Directors of Public Health (UK). He leads the local public health system working with a range of local and national partners to improve health and reduce health inequalities to help Doncaster people thrive. He does this through a public health team that has three core values 'learn by doing, 'make the invisible visible' and 'show relentless kindness'. Rupert has a national lead for sector led improvement for ADPH (UK). He has held clinical and managerial roles in the NHS, local government, academia and the community, voluntary and faith sector. He holds a degree in medicine from Edinburgh, a master's in public health from Nottingham and an M.B.A. in public administration from the Open University.


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