Thorsten Langer

Director, Socialpediatric Center, Children's Hospital Freiburg, Germany

Thorsten Langer, M.D., is a child neurologist and healthcare researcher. In his clinical work, he is the director of the Socialpediatric Center at Children's Hospital Freiburg and leads an interdisciplinary team which provides specialized care for children with chronic conditions and supports their caregivers. In his research, Thorsten leads a research group focusing on the system of care delivery for patients with chronic complex conditions and families with limited German proficiency requiring interpreting assistance. His work focuses on the interpersonal delivery of care and its organizational, cultural and economic context. He has received several research awards. He is a board member of the Freiburg Center for Rare Diseases, chair of the Committee of Transcultural Pediatrics of the German Society of Social Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine and an International Faculty Associate at the Institute for Professionalism and Ethical Practice (IPEP) at Boston Children's Hospital.


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