13th November 2017

The second meeting of the 2017 Sciana group reached a conclusion on Sunday with members drawing up plans for further collaboration.

12th November 2017
Felix Schneuwly - Digitalisation represents both an opportunity and challenge for health insurance

“As citizens, people want to have freedom of choice. Thus transparency from the providers is very important but also a challenge as, in transparent markets, free choice is not particularly valuable as people have access to all information,” says Felix Schneuwly, speaking at the second meeting of the first Sciana cohort.

12th November 2017
Planning for the Future: The Digitalisation of Health Care

As the second Sciana meeting comes to a close, members of the 2017 group are already exploring their next steps and the projects to be worked on between gatherings. From presenting at the European Health Forum Gastein to taking part in a study tour across the United States, these are just some of the ideas under consideration.

11th November 2017
Caroline Clarke – Good health is a fundamental human right

“I think the health industry is the most interesting industry to be in – kind of ever – but particularly now because it’s hard and presents really complex problems that need lots and lots of thought,” Caroline Clarke says, speaking at the second meeting of the first Sciana cohort.

11th November 2017
The New World of Data - Empowering the Patient

Towards the end of the inaugural meeting of Sciana: The Health Leaders Network, the inclusion

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