18th June 2018

What does happiness mean? To what degree do financial incentives create deep-set contentment? What is the relationship between economics and the health sector? Mathias Binswanger, the author of Absurd Competitions (2010) and a member of the 2018 group of Sciana – The Health Leaders Network, spends his time in Switzerland debating the paradox of happiness with relation to income growth in the field of health care.

15th June 2018
Aiming high: Behavioural insights in practice

In an age where there’s no time to think, setting long-term targets can be a difficult task. How we define success is also subjective. We can’t pinpoint a date in our head where we will solve one challenge before we can move onto the next. Change is incremental, and solutions are often only delivered after a method of trial and error.

14th June 2018
Anja Leetz – We only have one planet and we must jointly address health concerns

Executive director of Health Care without Harm advocates for sustainable and green health care

14th June 2018
System transformation: A nudge in the right direction

Inaugural members of Sciana: The Health Leaders Network are spending part of their third meeting investigating the potential impact of behavioural economics and behavioural psychology on health care.

13th June 2018
Amit Khutti - “So many parts of our lives are increasingly being done through digital means”

DrEd Co-Founder shares insight into planning and creating a digital GP service

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