Jérôme Cosandey

Jérôme Cosandey

Sciana Member Jérôme Cosandey calls for restraint on introduction of “sin taxes”

Cosandey says “sin taxes” can make what is subsidized more expensive

Sciana Member Jérôme Cosandey has called for a reduction in subsidies for unhealthy behavior.

Cosandey, a member of the 2018 cohort, made the suggestion in an article for heidi.news, which was later republished by Avenir Suisse.

Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic respiratory complaints are the most common causes of death in Switzerland. This has led to health experts advocating the introduction of “six taxes” to increase the prices of products that are hazardous to health.

Using data from the United States, Cosandey reveals how the effect of these taxes isn’t as impactful as the health experts would hope. He then assesses the situation in Switzerland and the effect of existing subsidies.

Cosandey said, “In short: When we talk about the introduction of “taxes on sins”, it is as if the left hand (the Federal Office of Public Health) advocated abstinence, while the right hand (the Federal Office for Agriculture) encourages the consumption of forbidden fruit.”

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